Material for directed activities

Material for guides activities
Racks for material for guided activities

The guided activities are one of the most important engines of a gym. Many people guided by a monitor meet on them at the same time, and all types of materials are included on them: bags, weights, bars, kettlebells, fitness mats, gymballs, among others. Among the most popular activities we include Pilates, Body Pump, GAP (Glutes, ABS and legs), Fitbox, Zumba and many more.

Technical Information
  • Structure: 60x60mm steel chrome finishing pipe.
  • Composition: Melamine (25mm thick) / Phenolic (ask for availability and rates).
  • Doors handles and hangers: Aluminium.
  • Colour: SATEN Textile (possible to customize. See conditions).
  • Measures: P8: 200x18cm. MB/1: 200x40cm. MBA/1: 200x40x180cm. MBA/2: 200x80x180cm. MT: 30x50x190cm. MC5: 25x20x100cm.