Lockers and dressing rooms

Within our product offer, Bodytone tries that the customer does not have to worry about anything. We assist you on the installation of all the equipment in your gym, and lockers and dressing rooms will not be less. Enjoy the new design, which stands out for its strength, finishing and customization options.

Technical Information
  • Structure: 60x60mm Steel chrome finished pipe.
  • Composition: Melamine (25mm thick) / Phenolic (ask for availability and rates).
  • Doors handles and hangers: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Saten Textile (possible to customize. See conditions).
  • Measures: P8: 200x18cm. MB/1: 200x40cm. MBA/1: 200x40x180cm. MBA/2: 200x80x180cm. MT: 30x50x190cm. MC5: 25x20x100cm.