Free Weight Evolution

Evolution handlers
Evolution racks

The free weight serie of Bodytone includes high quality rubber dumbbells and plates made of high resistance rubber. Its design and composition was created to offer a comfortable griff and a practise and funtional use.

The Olympic plates have a metallic component in the contact area with the bar in order to asure a quick and easy slide. The free weight racks from the Evolution Serie include all necessary to store the olympic plates, dumbbells and olmpic bars.

Technical Information
  • Transmission: 6mm thick Steel cable, PVC covered with a resistance of 900kg.
  • Guides: Solid Steel and double hardened chrome, for smooth movement of weight plates.
  • Structure: High resistance Steel pipe 3 mm thick laser cut for more precision and welded by robotized process.
  • Padding: High density leather, perspiration resistant, anti bacterial and antiallergenic with double padding in models with intensive use surfaces.
  • Painting process: Scaled steel and stabilized by immersion of the parts in different degreasing solutions to ensure a perfect and complete cleaning of the material. Antioxidant primer to ensure an adequate isolation of internal oxidation and good paint adhesion. 2 final coats of epoxy polyester powder paint, dried at 240°C.
  • Designing process: Biomechanick and ergonomie previous studies under the supervision of asociated professionals and athletes. After a long designing process, from the sketch, engineering research, prototyp production and tested by professional athletes for one year, our products finally enter the market.
  • Covers: ABS of 3.5mm thick, translucent and high resistance. Protections on both sides, according to the UE regulations to avoid any kind of damage caused by the contact of the weight plates.
  • Handles: Antiallergic neoprene and non-slip aluminum finish.
  • Supports and stands: High density EVA 5.8 mm thick with a manual mechanism by a pin. 3M to ensure the safety of support. Laser engraved numbered positions.
  • Platforms: Made of non-slip material.
  • Weight selector: Magnetic with ergonomic rotor and safe wiring.
  • Counterweight: Designed to fit an optimal biomechanic.
  • Stroke limiter: Different positions with indicator of the angle and numeration.
  • Mobile pieces: ST52 steel calibrated, bevelled and mechanized.
  • Weight numbering: Numbered with 3 different colours depending on the level.
  • Pulley: Nylon with internal bearing and silent operation. Support levers: balanced, help to eliminate excess weight at the beginning of the exercise.