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The Bodytone’s functinal training cage “Cross Area” consists on different modules which can be placed the way you choose.

Get a varied number of structures and put at the user´s disposal an unlimited training resource. Prepare guided activities sessions, functional training, HIIT, use it in the room as one machine more, and squeeze all the potential that gives you this training structure.

Technical Information
  • Structure: 110×52 cm Steel pipe, 3 mm thick, laser cut for higher precision and welded by robotized process.
  • Treatment: Treatment of 3-layer with steel jet pressure cleaning, mechanical abrasive paper review for full cleaning, anticorrosion primer and electrostatic double layer of epoxy paint pure polyester powder, dried at 240°C.
  • Welding: Perimeter closed on structural points and binding plates. Assembly system: plate – against plate system of 10 mm thick, avoiding twisting and gaps in areas of high demand. Optimal ergonomic and biomechanical study for each exercise.
  • Accesories: Slip rubber coating for safety and grip (step). Neoprene anti-allergic and non-slip finish in solid aluminum (funds).